Oliver's Restaurant 2095 Delaware Ave :: Buffalo, NY 14216 :: 716.877.9662

@ Our Restaurant

  • Our Chef's Room

    A private room with a quiet window to watch the energy of the kitchen. Made for a maximum of 10 guests.  The perfect blend of privacy and service. No minimum guest count required. No food and beverage minimum. No A/V equipment permitted. Your credit card secures the space. Choose from our full dinner menu or all-inclusive packages.  Call 877-9662 to reserve.

  • Upstairs @ Oliver's

    Just close the hidden doors and you have your own private party right in our restaurant. Invite a maximum of 52 guests. The only caveat is a minimum bill of $750 Sunday through Thursday, $1,000 in December.  Our friday night minimum is $1,000, ($1,500 in December).   A credit card secures your space reservation. All-inclusive, three course menu packages start at $75 per guest. Our full dinner menu is available for parties of 20 or less. AV equipment Rental available.  The space is unavailable on Saturdays. Call 877-9662 to reserve.

  • Party @ Your House

    Take the burden off. Call us and we handle all the details. You just invite your favorite people and enjoy yourself. No cooking. No cleaning. No serving. No bar baloney. Party at your own party. (Parties start at $750.)  Call 877-9662 to reserve.

@ Your House